Using an entity component system in AS3
August 29th, 2012Game DevelopmentJames 2 Comments

An ECS is a process if creating your game objects by aggregating different parts into a unified whole. The parts are given to an entity so that systems can process them to do something meaningful or cool (like spawn a bucket of skulls). The end result is that your game objects (entities) are just a [...]

Voice parsing

In my previous article here I explained how to capture voice input. After a little experiment I managed to write a small “toy” where you tell a tank where to drive too and also where to aim! You can give commands such as : – Move cell juliett one -Move cell alpha one -Aim cell [...]

Speech recognition for .Net ?
November 22nd, 2011Artificial IntelligenceJames 1 Comments

- there is no magical System Speech Programming Guide for .NET Framework 4.0. Not according to Google. Not according to Bing. Not According to Bing for MSDN. I am currently working on a little prototype of game where you command and steer a tank over LAN via voice input. There are a lot of API’s [...]

July 24th, 2011Game DevelopmentJames 0 Comments

Here is a game flow model based on the awesome “Core techniques and algorithms in game programming” book. Game start Initialize configuration settings Load most common assets Begin update Begin player update Collect controller state Calculate restrictions (collision detection and such and enable/disable actions from the keyboard) Integrate player behaviour End player update Begin world [...]

Swords and Soldiers HD review
May 23rd, 2011UncategorizedJames 0 Comments

Swords and Soldiers HD is a 2D side-scrolling strategy game for the pc. I was an avid reader of there development blog and learnt some interesting concepts from the lead programmers blog… The game boasts some wonderfully animated 2D images (you guessed it – HD quality…), “Ronimo Games” did an excellent job at bringing them [...]

May 23rd, 2011Game DevelopmentJames 16 Comments

I find the optimal layout of a sprite-sheet is one that starts from the left [0,0] and ends to the right [n-1,0]. This way there is as little space wasted compared to a more common multi dimensional version. For every artist that uses “Adobe Photoshop” (CS4 and CS5) creating these images requires created many layers [...]

May 8th, 2011UncategorizedJames 4 Comments

Bah! XML comments can be the ying and yang in my source however there is always a time where it feels either too much or simply is not warranted. Apply the following code: I apply it in the Visual Studio “find and replace” tool to delete all the XML comments when and where you like.